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Sustainability & Wellbeing at the heart of our Design.

Interior Design doesn't have to be a wasteful process. When working to transform your spaces, our approach to design is resourceful and environmentally conscious with your wellbeing at the centre of our values.

We look at ways to reduce energy consumption, minimise harmful emissions and reduce the environmental impact of the spaces we design. A successful space must promote health & happiness in an efficient and manageable way. 

We consider which elements of furniture can be re-used & recycled, whether this is through upcycling to incorporate in your new scheme or uplifted from site and rehomed with local charities.

When things are beyond repair, we will always endeavour to break down the components and recycle them, ensuring nothing goes to waste or landfill unnecessarily.

Be sure to ask our team how we can reduce your environmental impact of your project and have a positive impact on both nature and your wellbeing.

Our Values: About Us
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